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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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heavy rain now moving into our western suburbs, also through hagerstown and hancock and martinsburg. you folks are under a flash flood watch along i-81 down into winchester. leesburg heavy rain out route 7 and 50 and montgomery county around poolesville, potomac, germantown and darnestown, a slow ride up 270 this hour with some heavy downpours. we're looking at a flash flood watch to the west of us. parts of these counties that are filled in with blue, that's actually a warning. that means flooding is occurring right now, not to say we couldn't see flooding east of this, but right now the flash flood watch continues right along i-81 where 2 to 4 inches of rain is possible. we'll come back, talk about the potential for more yellow weather alerts later in the week. lawmakers pressing for a government shutdown over federal funding of planned apparenthood are now focusing instead on a showdown with the
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head of the women's healthcare organization. >> she vigorously defended herself. craig boswell was there. >> stand up fight back! >> reporter: supporters of planned parenthood took to the streets to defend the healthcare provider. >> rallies around the country, you show how deeply the american people care about women's health. >> reporter: the marco in decided with the -- the marches coincided with the president of the organization on capitol hill talking about the funding. >> we don't get a big check from the federal government. we are directly reimbursed for services provided. >> reporter: republicans want to cut off the nearly half a billion dollars the nonprofit receives each year. >> take the money from the guys doing the bad things and give it to the ones who aren't. >> reporter: undercover video shot by anti-abortion activists
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sparked the controversy. the video is to show fetal tissue being sold for profit. >> the heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> the parties responsible for shooting the video did not republicans are going to have a special select committee to investigate planned parenthood. an effort to force a government shutdown to cut out funding to planned parenthood faces little chance. >> and the congressional budget office estimates planned parenthood receives approximately $450 million in federal funds each year. president barack obama met with cuban president raul castro at the u.n. in new york. it was their first official summit amid warming relations between the former cold war adversaries. travel restrictions have been lifted. embassies have reopened between the two countries, but both presidents are calling for the
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lifting of the u.s. trade embargo with cuba, something the congress has refused to do. also at the u.n. today president barack obama called on world leaders to counter violent extremism. the president acted as chairman on the meeting on the threat against isil and islamic militants. >> it is not going to be enough to defeat isil in the battlefield. we have to prevent it from radicalizing, recruiting and inspiring others to violence and this means atdefeing their ideology. ideologies are not defeated with guns, but by better ideas. isil will eventually lose because it has nothing to offer but suffering and death. >> russia will chair its own meeting tomorrow on countering extremism. a congressional report says the u.s. is not doing enough to stop its citizens from joining isis. the house homeland security committee found 200 americans who tried to join terrorist groups in iraq and syria and
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dozens have been able to successfully return to the united states. it accuses the obama administration for not having a strategy to prevent it. the u.s. military launched airstrikes in northern afghanistan today on the ground. afghan government forces fought to take back the city of kunduz. hundreds of taliban militants stormed that city yesterday. this marks the first time the taliban has captured a major urban area since 2001. a convicted serial killer who murdered a young couple in fairfax county is scheduled to be executed thursday night, but efforts underway on an appeal to the u.s. supreme court to stay alfredo prieto's execution. peggy fox joins us live from reston where prieto committed those heinous crimes. peggy? >> reporter: well, rachel raver and warren fulton were both 22 years old. they had their whole lives ahead of them. a couple weeks before christmas in 1988 alfredo prieto who is
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now 49 raped her and shot and killed them both right behind this church. >> today prieto took his first step in the direction of virginia's death row. >> reporter: in 2007 wusa9 reporter gary reels covered alfredo prieto's arrival from california after a dna hit linked him to the 1988 murders of rachel raver and warren fulton in reston. >> it would have been nothing but woods. >> reporter: major rich perez was a detective on the case. he showed us where the bodies of the young college students were found in the woods behind the historic cartersville church off hunterville road. prieto rained raver and shot her both. >> turned her over and raped her while she lay dying. what kind of person would do that? >> reporter: the prosecutors say prieto is the worst of the worst, a serial killer also convicted of murder in california and accused of five more. >> it stays with you it's just so horrible like young women murdered for nothing.
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>> two juries came back and found that death was appropriate unanimously and i would agree with that. >> reporter: in an interview via skype rachel raver's sister hopes the scheduled execution won't be delayed. >> and i certainly don't want to spend my life worrying about alfredo prieto trying to write a book in prison. >> reporter: lawyers asking to stop the execution argue that he's intellectually disabled with a low iq, but the juries did not brea that. neither does major perez. >> we brought -- believe that. neither does major perez. >> we brought him back and he sat next to me on the plane. >> reporter: perez was amazed with his knowledge of world events and his ability to articulate between spanish and english. you want him gone. >> we want him gone. >> reporter: prieto has been linked by dna and ballistics evidence to six other murders, two of them in arlington and
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prince william county. his claim before the united states supreme court concerns his extended stay in solitary confinement. reporting live in reston peggy fox, wusa9. >> the execution is set for thursday, 9 pham at greenville correctional center -- 9 p.m. at greenville correctional center in virginia. the state of georgia is set to execute its only woman on death row convicted of helping her lover murder her husband back in 1997. supporters say she's turned her life around in prison and today pope francis asked georgia's board of pardon to grant her clemency, but the board declined. with the minutes ticking away there are still legal challenges pending before the federal appeals court and u.s. supreme court. a baltimore judge set the trial date for those police officers indicted in the death of freddie gray. gray died after suffering a severe injury while in police
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custody. the six officers will be separately tried. william porter will face trial first on november 30th charged with manslaughter. prosecutors say he failed to provide or even request medical care for gray and he did not secure him safely in that police van. a former girl friend of jesse matthew says matthew was repeatedly raped as a child and no doubt that trauma affected his behavior. she wrote that in a letter to the judge who will sentence matthew this friday for sexually assaulting a woman in fairfax county in 2005. matthew's mother also wrote the judge asking for mercy. matthew faces up to life in prison and he still is awaiting two other trials for the murders of college students hannah graham and morgan harrington. coming up nsa whistle blower edward snowden send out his first tweet. >> also ahead john wall and the rest of the wizards open up training camp. we'll hear from the team's all- star point guard. >> but up next donald trump
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prepares to
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donald trump's one week boycott of fox news is apparently over. the republican presidential frontrunner is scheduled to appear on the o'reilly factor sometime tonight. just last week trump tweeted that he wouldn't go on any fox news shows for the foreseeable future because he felt the network was treating him unfairly, no word on what
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prompted the change of heart. the meeting between trump and senior fox executives is still in the works. maryland congressman dutch ruppersberger will not run for senate. his campaign spokeswoman says the republican plans to seek an eighth term in congress. ruppersberger serves parts of baltimore city and surrounding areas. he had been considered a possible candidate for retiring senator barbara mikulski's seat. edward snowden started tweeting and has more than 185,000 followers in the very first hour. his first tweet is asking can you hear me now? at last check snowden was only following 1 account, get this, the national security agency where he worked before he leaked those classified document about government surveillance, snowden still living in exile in russia. coming up president obama praises the secret service for a whirlwind week. >> but first stop local students could be held out of discover the world
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prince george's county school officials are doing everything they can to get the word out about immunizations. >> that's right. thousands of students won't be allowed to attend class if their shots are not up to date by the close of business
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tomorrow. wusa9 reporter vanessa herring has more on the scramble to get vaccinated. >> reporter: 2,800 students in prince george's county public schools will lose vital time in the classroom if their immunizations aren't brought up to date by the close of business tomorrow. the majority of them are in pre- k, kindergarten and 7th grade. >> the immunization requirements changed from two years ago where our pre-k, kindergarteners and our incoming 7th graders needed booster shots for meningitis and whooping cough. different districts have different approaches to making sure kids are immunized. we'll go back and look very carefully at our process from top to bottom. >> reporter: reviewing that process could also include taking a closer look at the district's top health official. the chief of health services was hired in december of 2013. before coming to district she ran the anne arundel county
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health department. they was fired at the request of the secretary of the maryland department of health and mental hygiene for undisclosed reasons. >> we're not commenting on the doctor's status now. it's a confidential personnel matter. >> reporter: county health officials say it's critical that children get these shots as soon as possible. >> for students who are vaccinated and are going to school with kids who are not vaccinated, they're not at risk, so they shouldn't have a concern because their child is already immunized. it's really the student who has a compromised immune system and who has never been vaccinated. >> reporter: immunizations must be up to date by the close of business wednesday. reporting from prince george's county, vanessa herring, wusa9. >> prince george's county is holding immunization clinics to help prevent kids from missing school. the clinic in cheverly on hospital drive is open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. tomorrow and you can make an appointment by calling 301-583- 3300. it's a matter of life and
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death and d.c. may have finally figured out a solution. a 5-month-old child died in the city earlier this month. that's still under investigation, but no ambulances were available and firefighters had to rush taqwon sumter to the hospital in a fire trunk. d.c. ambulances were bogged down with thousands -- truck. d.c. blacks were bogged down with minor calls -- ambulances were bogged down with minor calls. >> we don't need to be transporting everybody who just wants their prescription filled to the emergency room. >> we have a litigation risk now and those litigation risks now is that we don't have the capacity to show up in a reasonable time. >> mayor muriel bowser hopes to get all this started within months, but now she hasn't said how she plans to pay for all. this. president obama is giving a big shout out to the secret service.
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>> something goes wrong when there's a fence jumper, everybody reports on it. the secret service had to manage the pope's visit, president xi's visit and 100 something world leaders in an unprecedented fashion during the course of the last several days and they did so flawlessly. >> they were busy, that's for sure. the president says secret service director joe clancy and his entire team of details of protective services deserve a huge round of applause. he made those comments upon returning to the white house from the united nations. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> well, we wanted rain. we're getting it. >> be careful what you wish for. >> you wanted rain. >> we all wanted rain. >> it's nice to freshen up the grass. the water table is fine, but it was looking a little dry out
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there, but now we're in a different pattern. it's really going to get wet and stay wet as we go into the month of october. let's take a live look outside, slow commute home, one of the reasons we issued our yellow weather alert, just one. the other reason was for flash flooding. temperature 76. the dew point gone up to 73, high dew point, high humidity for this time of day, 91% humidity, winds easterly at 7, bad hair day. here's a look at first alert doppler the last hour. slowly but surely the heavy activity works their way eastward down to prince george's county and also into southern maryland, but the lion's share of the rain has been to the west around warrenton, culpeper and points west. in fact, that's where the flash flood watches have been posted. these are still warnings. even though the rain has moved east of you, there are flash flood warnings in effect for
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harrisonburg, rockingham county, page, green and madison until 7:30. i'm kind of concerned some of the storms we're seeing over the western suburbs could prompt some flash flood warnings later tonight. heaviest rain now rockville to fairfax out toward manassas down toward dale city. around the beltway light to moderate rain from fedex to college park to silver spring, heaviest rain south and west and down towards burke. in fact, this little area around burke is producing rainfall about 1.16 inches, so over 1 inch per hour. again, we're kind of concerned about flash flooding from now until midnight. heavy to severe storms until midnight. main threat will be flash flooding. bus stop temperatures temperatures mid-60s to mid- 70s, pretty darn warm tomorrow. yellow weather alert thursday and friday, flooding. we go over there and over there, but remember never cross a flooded street by car or
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foot. if your windshield wipers are on, lights should be on, too. by 10:00 the rain is into fairfax pulling out of loudoun county and across the river into montgomery county by 11:30. we're talking heavy rainfall with temperatures still in the low 70s, so a very warm sultry night with tropical rains until about midnight. day planner, 74 at 9:00, up to 77 by 1:00. another warm day tomorrow and that's it. thursday welcome to october, rain and showers, 65. friday rain and showers only 64. some of that could be heavy. got more rain on saturday, morning showers on sunday. maybe we clear out for the kickoff time, isolated showers monday, nice tuesday, back in the low 70s. talk some basketball? >> i know. it's that time of year. wizards open training camp today, believe it or not. that means about a month till some games tart to happen. we'll have a preview -- start to happen. we'll have a preview from training camp up
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington wizards have been close enough to a title to feel motivation but still plenty far enough away every season to feel the frustration. this year once again they are hungry but optimistic with their chances. the wizards open training camp today in towson, maryland. they will be there three days before finishing up heading back here to d.c. everyone on this roster has a chip on their shoulder after yet another early postseason exit. john wall gives us his reason why he feels his team will be more successful this season. >> i think we got better
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shooting this year. we still have more opportunity to shot in the space on the floor, get pick and rolls, get marching and guys rolling to the basket. the washington redskins depth has been tested the past three weeks. injuries have claimed several key players like deshawn jackson, d'angelo hall. the offense took another big hit with the loss of starting left guard shawn lavale, a big loss for this offensive line struggling to get points. corner back justin rogers also done. he's been dealing with plantar fasciitis joining four others on injured reserve. the washington capitals are in the mid-of their preseason, but we're just -- midst of their preseason, but we're just 11 days away from their season opener. time is flying by. the caps took time out to have a little fun today. the players took pictures for
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their 2016 capitals canine calendar. most of these dogs are in need of a home. proceeds from the calendar benefit the homeward trails animal rescue. >> i think it's a fun way to just raise awareness, raise money and get it out there. i mean it really is so easy. >> hopefully the more people you reach with the calendar and. what that maybe are thinking of getting a dog they look at a shelter first, the ones that need homes. >> today i really wanted to take one of those little puppies home. they were so adorable. the program is really great. the calendars go on sale in november. them raised over $35,000 last year from it. kudos to them. >> nice. that's it for us. >> cbs evening news is next. we're back
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>> pelley: the pope pleads for mercy as georgia counts the minutes to an execution. also tonight, a double wallop of weather. storms in the south and wau could hit the east coast. donald trump's tax plan-- could it actually work? and the hills are alive with the sound of-- >> let's go, guys! get in there! >> pelley: football. >> i get to pray and be a football coach. that's pretty cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: record rain is pumpling the east coast, and more is on the way. have a look inside this tunnel that connects two parts of the campus at james madison university in


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